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What is our ‘Power’ factor?

The endeavor and ability to combine ‘state of the art’ technology (in our products) with good old values of truth trust and reliability (in our conduct and dealings with our trade partners and our ultimate end-users) is our real strength - our ‘Power Factor’. Introducing innovative products in the Indian market place and then striving to create brand awareness through product awareness is the real idea and intent behind WAMA.

After having sold more than 5 million units across the globe and still counting, in our two decade old global tryst with destiny, our twin watchwords have been ‘Quality’ and our ultimate ‘Customer’. True to its brand name, (which literally means ‘the lady of the house’) all our products always keep them at the centre of the universe and design products as per their needs and requirements thereby delighting them with ‘wow’ moments throughout the product life and thus ensuring a high level of brand recall. Even the logo of Brand WAMA is of a ‘Queen’ as we intend to make it the queen of appliances.

What makes our brand a dominant player in the market?

Each WAMA product is a result of continuous innovation, stringent quality control and timely deliveries ensuring customer satisfaction. It is this satisfaction and customer trust and loyalty that make WAMA an important and fast growing player in its market. Guided by our corporate statement, ‘simple and reliable’, we develop our product with superior technology and closely monitor every project through each stage of production providing a reliable product which makes life simple for the end user. The components, manufacturing, packaging is such that the brand effectively matches and surpasses the quality of major national and international brands. The products of the company are made to the exacting standards of the worlds’ major quality certifications like CE, GS and ROHS. Our emphasis on a robust after-sales department that is geared to promptly and effectively respond to all manner of customer queries makes WAMA a reliable brand for our trade partners and the end consumers. Availability of a wide range of products across all categories and sub-categories increases the target clientele of WAMA. WAMA’s global presence and structure allows for most effective product creations, sourcing and quality control operations. With all its constituents and trade partners including vendors, retailers and customers, WAMA always has a collaborative approach.

What is the USP of our brand?

At WAMA, all innovation is targeted towards the end customer and his / her requirements and aspirations. Our ‘No compromise on Quality’ policy yet our competitive end prices make us a unique value proposition in the market place. Our commitment to cater to the customer throughout the entire life of the product creates immense brand loyalty and recall. The product range of the Company is designed to cater to the entire target customer audience and is marketed under various Sub Brands like ‘WAMA – NGA’ (new generation appliance), ‘WAMA Elite’, ‘WAMA My Home’, ‘WAMA Care’, ‘WAMA My Chef’, ‘Shree WAMA’. Consumer centric innovation and design, consistent manufacturing, stringent and robust quality controls and brand awareness out of product awareness is what define brand WAMA.