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About Us

 is a manufacturer /exporter of domestic electrical machine or electrical equipment that is used for a specific purpose in the home, which is called to be Home Appliance.

WAMA started with a modest beginning and today is targeting the world as its market. At the group level Wama is involved in the activity of International trade since more than 2 decades. Working with a wide range of appliances over a long period of time and by regularly moving high volumes, we have achieved a good reputation in the production and sourcing field which help us to meet the competitive targets of our discerning customers in the world market.

Right from design to production and from Marketing to After-Sales Service, we have put in dedicated efforts and professional commitment. This has resulted in accelerating our progress and maturity in the industry and making us a force to reckon with.

WAMA is extensively marketing its products in European, Caribbean and African markets. All our products have a high level of customisation keeping in view the specific needs and requirements of the consumers of these markets.

WAMA is an association of professional, hard working business people.